Backup Proposal

Alex Giffen

PROJECT TITLE: Sound Treatment for a Live Music Venue

Project Summary

The goal of the project is to show the culmination of my knowledge and skills I learned during my time at City Tech. I gained so much experience during my internship course, and the companies I worked with during my internship contracted me to do this project. The companies include Hershey’s Audio / Video Systems, Alliance Audio, and Club XL. Since my original project relies so much on many outside companies to work together, there is a chance that issues may arrive and the project may need to change deliverables. During my internship, issues arose with the venue’s sound treatment. Part of my internship process was to create sound treatment for the venue, but it was not perfect. The venue used to be two old factories/warehouses that have been turned into Club XL. This has many issues from large I-beams hanging from the ceiling and large blank concrete walls. This in turn causes a lot of unwanted reflections in the venue. The back up plan for my project would be to create new ideas for sound treatment for the venue. Estimates will be drawn up and if funding is available, the execution of that treatment.


The first deliverables that I will need to be procure are the documents. The first document made will be the Block Diagram. This will be developed using Lucidchart and will cover signal flow as well. The Ground Plan, System Layout, and Speaker Dispersion Pattern all rely upon the latter to be completed. These will all be completed using AutoCAD. Much research must be done into many different styles of sound treatment. Materials, placements, and quantity of panels effectiveness will need to be studied as well. These will be compared by cost and quality of reduction and a proposal will be made.


  • Block Diagram
  • Ground Plan
  • System Layout
  • Speaker Dispersion Pattern
  • Cue Lists
  • Research Notes
  • Photo / Video Archive
  • Poster  


  • Sound Treatment Proposal
  • Estimates
  • (If Applicable) Completion on Treatment


Sept. 7-10 Meet with band to discuss needs

Sept. 14-16 Create Block Diagram

Sept. 18/20 Meeting 1

Sept. 21-23 Create Ground Plan & System Layout

Sept. 28-30 Create Speaker Dispersion Pattern

Oct. 5-7 Sound Treatment Proposal

Oct. 12-14 Estimates

Oct. 16 Meeting 2

Fri-Sun Until Meeting 3 – Completion of Treatment

Oct. 24 Poster Rough Draft

Nov. 14 Open Lab Rough Draft

Nov. 20 / 22 Meeting 3

Dec. 6 Open Lab Complete

Dec. 10-13 Presentation



City Tech provides a plethora of resources to it’s students. Some resources provided will be AutoCAD and Lucidchart. The student will provide equipment such as computers, measuring equipment, construction tools, etc.



The budget for the purposes of this project will be quite low, $200, for any personal equipment that may need to be purchased. It will also go toward any sound treatment materials for testing. I will also be in contact with the venue to be reimbursed for any money spent on materials.



Acoustic Fiberglass $56.95–ATS-Acoustics-Rigid-Fiberglass-Board–AB2.html?d=GPGEN01&kw=AB2-ATS-2&gclid=CjwKCAjwxILdBRBqEiwAHL2R8wtpLRJLgQmD_x6SDZqG9QiVefV4VM3WmV8tmhp_w-ZrLI01q0ILjxoCNjAQAvD_BwE
Acoustic Foam $35.99
Total $92.94



  • Executive Summary
  • Methods
  • Documentation
    • Block Diagram
    • Ground Plan
    • System Layout
    • Speaker Dispersion
    • Show Schedule
    • Photo Archive
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography



Below are listed the collaborating companies and their information.


Club XL (Phil Dobson)

(717) 409-8975


Assorted Studios (Jesse Landis)

(717) 916-3050


Hershey A/V Solutions (Justin Hershey)

(717) 814-8577