Problem 4 – F2M

For this problem I was partnered with Daniela and Gus.

We had to recreate a show that has happened in the past. For this problem though we were dealing a few new factors:

  • We had to do a script analysis
  • We were given a budget of $18,500
  • We were given explicit staffing instructions

Since we had never done a script analysis for previous problems, it was good practice to see how you read between the lines. I had to read the script a couple of times to realize that there was running water and ice cream that was incorporated and needed to stay cold.

This problem also gave us practice with having design changes added. Originally we were instructed to make the entire set flat. Halfway through the project though we were asked to raise the bedroom area and make it into a platform. That is a realistic change that gave every good practice at real world conditions. The budget was also given about halfway through the problem. This too gave us good practice at making choices of materials or labor to cut.

One thing we got to experiment with was how we would do the flooring. We decided on a vinyl hardwood floor that snapped together. We played them diagonally and made sure no seams lined up to give it more of a design. Then we took a small piece of carpet and fastened it next to the hardwood which gave a nice transition.


Overall I think this project was a success.

Supporting documents:

Lumber Estimate – Labor

Lumber Estimate – Materials Estimate