Problem 3 – Flats

For this problem I was partnered with Val and Alisa.

For this project we had to create a set that had curved walls – including moulding – and have a door that can be slammed with no appearance of the set moving.

One of the first tasks we took on was to figure out how to reinforce the flats so that they would not shake. It was agreed that using installing custom jacks on top of the masking flat and attaching them to the door flats. We figured that using 3 aerial jacks and then reinforcing the masking flat with jacks would help. Unfortunately we only were able to build and test 2. So while our results were unsuccessful, we also did not test in real conditions.

Another issue we were facing was custom crown moulding that had to be installed. We experimented with the possibilities of making it. But between all the custom pieces needed to be made to make up the crown moulding and figuring out how to curve it, we decided to source it out. We found a company from Ohio that quoted us $2,400 + shipping.

Much like our show deck problem, this allowed us to experiment with different ideas.

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Problem 3 – Drafting