Problem 2 – Show Deck

Show Deck


For this problem I was partnered with Marissa and Javier. The ultimate goal was to a show deck that could be used for both a concert and have a quick change over for a talent show with less than 24 hours.

The first thing we had to figure out was how to construct the show deck. We discussed a few options – steel deck, stock platform, and triscuit stud wall. Though we weren’t given ¬†budget, we were still worried about the cost effectiveness of creating or purchasing steel deck that had a raked stage. So then we landed on stock platforms. However after presenting this idea in class, it was pointed out how time consuming it would be to install. That is when we concluded that triscuit stud walls was the best option.

We then had to figure out a schedule to work using the normal amount of city tech students we have for tech during a fall semester (usually about 10-12 from my understanding). Since we were able to use the scene shop during the run of the Haunted Hotel, we took advantage of that in our schedule and decided to have calls to build everything. After the hotel was struck we would be ready to load in right away.

Something that I believe we chose to do differently than the rest of the class was to paint the logo for the band on the stage. We concluded that though we do our best to provide a professional experience for our audiences, our crew is still made up of students. So we thought it be best to treat the logo as a sectional painting. We gave our props and paint department several days to prep and practice for the the painting. It’s a bit of a difficult piece since there are paint splatters but we figure that the band wouldn’t have any issues with a ¬†splatter or two being off. The audience would also be far enough away to not be able to notice any mistakes.

This problem also gave us our first chance at sourcing out materials under a somewhat realistic scenario. We purchased everything we need, as well as adding a contingency, for a total of $2,610.69.

This was a good learning experience. This was the first problem where we given a chance to delegate responsibilities. It was also a first look at really experimenting with several ideas before landing on what we deemed the best possible solution.

Supporting documents:

Materials List

Concert & Talent Show Deck

Deck Layout & Stud wall Rough Draft