Problem 1 – Sandwich Shop

The Sandwich Shop

Definition: Find the most cost effective way to purchase supplies according to designer preference while also providing detailed load in and construction instructions.

For problem number one I was partnered with Ricky and Shawn. We were given $20 to purchase supplies to make a sandwich. In addition to that we had to provide load in and construction instructions – which were acted out to see how well we did.┬áSince there were 5 groups given the same scenario (and we had the ultimate goal of using whatever money wasn’t spent towards food for us) we had devised a plan to partner with other groups to share/rent supplies.

We wound up purchasing half of a jar of peanut butter, half of a jar of jelly, and 1/3 of a loaf of bread from Marissa, William, and Caroline . In total we paid them $3.75 (Purchase Order PB&J). We then also had to pay $3.00 for plate and knife rental (Purchase Order Plate Knife).

After we purchased supplies, we created load in instructions (Load In).

In reality I think this problem was taken seriously enough. It seemed silly but actually pointed to the fact that even the smallest details count. We didn’t prep at all which realistically gave a low chance of a successful out. Had we actually purchased all the supplies ourselves we could have practiced and given better detailed instructions rather than just winging it. If I recall, we actually spent more money than most of our other classmates.