Update: 4/1/2019

Today was our 8th session. We only have 2 more after this. I’m trying to make as much progress as I can with the 4-5 weeks I have left. At this point I now have 2 alumni (Daniel H. and Maxwell W.) offering up some advice and assistance. I have also reached out to former CLT and now adjunct professor Alex B. to ask to go through the inventory of microphones we have to determine which might be the best one(s) to use. That meeting is happening tomorrow (4/2/2019).

After to presenting my updates in class today, I seem to have satisfied Prof. Terao with the progress I have made. I showed the class the clip I will be working on today and my classmates seem to be interested in what the outcome for this will be. Some have even offered up some advice to achieve certain sounds I need which I greatly appreciated.

Today I have added a timecode through Adobe Premiere Pro so that I can go through the clip frame by frame:

I have also started a log to try and track the sounds that I will need. I have emailed Prof. Trevino to ask his advice if there is a better method. Until then I will keep doing it this way:

Sound Type Time Start Time End EFX Needed Tools needed

·      Wind

·      Leaves Rustling

·      Birds

·      Squirrels

2:30 3:14:20 Panning Oscillating fan? (wind)

Straw/Bottle (wind)

Bird whistle (bird)

Newspaper (leaves)


Prisoner Running

·      Boots on Gravel

·      Clothes Rustling

·      Panting











Running from distance to closeup,