Make-up/Home-work for Tue

Apologies for missing class today—this cold really knocked me out!  To make up for our classtime lost, please complete the writing we’ve begun this week on memes, Drake, and Caraminica’s article on “Hotline Bling”–a short assignment in which we are working on building connections between your own thoughts about memes, Drake’s music video, and Caraminica’s text.  I’m copying below the guidelines for this work.  Note that there are 3 steps, but the writing you produce doesn’t need to be a numbered list of responses to each step–you could, for instance, have 2-3 paragraphs of prose in which you touch on the prompts given below.
Please post your work on Drake and memes here.  In addition, prior to Monday’s class please be sure you’ve read Jace Clayton’s article on Vince Staples (handed out in class and available online) as well as K-Hole’s “Youth Mode” (p. 34 in Packet II).

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