HW for Tue 10/29

  1. Write (and post below) a critical summary of 1 article you are discussing in your Essay 2.  Use Christopher Lane’s critical summaries of Bittman’s and Block’s articles as a model/inspiration for how you write your summary.  (Remember to include both descriptions of the author’s points as well as your own responses to them)

2. In preparation for our library session in a week and a half, review the Library Orientation page and complete the library orientation quiz.

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  1. In the article titled violent video games rape acceptance and negative attitude towards women author Karen E Dill Shackleford argues against violence in video games.  she believes that violence in video games isn’t only domestic but also sexual. She states that domestic violence Depicts sexual abuse towards women in video games. She believes that the government has a role in protecting children from violent video games she stated that violent video games should be censored and if they were then violence in our society will decrease.

  2. In the article “Why is there so much shooting and killing in Chicago” by the editorial board states ” there cant be a rational explanation because Chicagos plague urban warfare isn’t logical, its horrifically cruel and self destructive.” What this quote is basically trying to say in my opinion is that violence is Chicago is caused by just only gang violence or gun violence. In this article it try’s to say the only way to stop this issue is by more police presence. I think this is completely false, I don’t really think police presence would change anything. I think more funding and job opportunities need to be put into more in these inner cities so young black men won’t simply turn to the gang and drug life. I think this article was completely false in its solution and the solution is opportunity. This article just Continously stays put on the issue being gang violence and shootings, I think to prevent this its all about opportunity.

  3. In the article, “Violent video games found not to be associated with adolescent aggression,” two Universities came together to try to find an answer. The lead researcher Professor Andrew Przybylski claims the idea that video games has been discussed plenty, but hasn’t been studied enough. He claimed that data on previous studies had not been properly demonstrated as they were mainly using the perspective of teenagers. However for his study he relied of both teenagers and their parents, for a broader perspective on the picture. Research was draw from over 2,000 subjects, teenagers aged 14 and 15. These teenagers were randomly chosen, and included both females and males. The data received was from based on recent aggressive behaviors on the past month, where violent content from games were played. The measure for violence was based on the ESRB rating system, which is basically standard for every game. The teenagers and the parents both had to fill out a survey based on their or their child’s gaming experience. From the survey, it was found that video games do not have effect on teenage behavior, or at least not a noticeable amount. This includes any anti-social speculation. Irrelevant but that may come from some gamers being introverted. But perhaps it’s more likely that introverted people find video games fun, more so than video games making people introverted. Regardless the article covered a study covered by two universities, which proved that video games do not cause violence.

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