14 thoughts on “Feedback for Kianna”

  1. Kianna, I loved the structure of your essay and how you perceive everything differently from others. I really enjoyed how you just do not judge things from your perspective only but how deep your meanings can get. Overall, great essay.

  2. Kianna, I liked your essay but I feel like you could have clarified it a little and maybe add to the story a bit. also watch out for grammar, other than that I thought your essay was good.

  3. I loved how you talked about your inspirations and how they changed you.If you’re able to expand a bit more as to how creative writing has benefited you with writing in general and if nay other writers inspired any of your ideas that you ever portrayed thorough writing.

  4. The intro to your essay was very captivating but, it threw me off a little bit. Anyways, I really liked how you discovered the phenomenon of creative writing and symbolism and applied that to your life. I suggest you restructure some of your sentences and check for grammatical errors. overall good job!

  5. This essay almost feels like if were talking to me in person. I loved the fact that you are very direct into what you are trying to say and make your point of view clear. The only thing I would say that would make it even better if just to write a little more.

  6. This essay felt very real, I felt like you were sitting down having a actual conversation with me. The only thing is the essay is too vast without much detail. I would’ve loved it if you added more detail

  7. Your essay was going in the write direction it started interesting but i felt as though it was was just cut too short, it was left hanging. I like how you realized how symbolism applied to many things, and how you learned to apply it to many things, these arent things that we realize at once. I felt as though your essay needed more work and it was cut too short, you shouldve added dialogue and more experiences with this, more thoughts

  8. I liked your essay and the way you told your story, maybe you should of went into detail more give more story so things are more interesting 

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