12 thoughts on “Feedback for Jahim Andrew”

  1. Jahim, I thought your essay and I definitely get the idea that you were going for. I can relate on how moving to a new place can be a bit difficult to adapt. all in all, the story was great but beware of the grammatical mistakes.

  2. This must’ve been a very hard obstacle you had to overcome and I’m glad you got through this, also this was very pleasing the eye to look at also.Very organized.I think you could also include what went through your head that time ,whether you thought about just giving up or not.

  3. Jahim, your essay was heartbreaking to read. It must’ve been a very hard time for you but, I am glad  you recovered from Gullian-barre. Nice essay, Just revise it more, proof read and fix grammatical errors. Good Job!

  4. I enjoyed your writing because i could relate to your story as a immigrant my self my parent made me memorize words  and  multiplication table too.One suggestion would be Grammar problem.

  5. I like the idea you were going for. I can also relate to moving to a new place and having to adjust. The only thing I would really change are some of the grammatical errors you have

  6. Jahim I like the structure of your essay and how detailed it was. And I enjoyed your essay because I can relate to it.   Nice work.

  7. I enjoyed your story many can relate when it comes to moving to a different place, that just makes it hard to learn new things because everything is different and strange to you, just fix a very few grammar mistakes you have

  8. i can see where your coming from with everything bro i feel you its not always easy.watch out for grammatical issues though

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