15 thoughts on “Feedback for Karla Caba”

  1. I liked your essay I was able to relate to it.  I also had to leave my father in the Dominican Republic when I was 3.  And that caused a lot of complications in my life.  Good job on the essay and great vocabulary.

  2. karla, your essay was really great and sad at the same time. Not being able to see your mom for years must’ve been really difficult and upsetting for you. I am glad you did get to reunite with her. Watch out for grammatical errors and etc but, overall good job!

  3. Really loved the structure of your essay. Very relatable, its not easy talking about our parents and not being able to see your mom. Although I am happy that you reunited with her. Great vocabulary, really enjoyed your story.

  4. Karla I loved the fact that you got through the obstacles you got through. I can just tell your a really strong person by just reading about the sickness you had. Im glad that you are ok now and I’m glad you were able to overcome that and be able to sit with us today. I would’ve liked it if you added a little more but overall great essay.

  5. I really enjoyed your essay because i can personally correlate to how families can be such an issue sometimes but i would love to read more about how both stories correlate to each other.

  6. I like how you brought in details to your story. Also I feel like your story has a lot of situations that the youth can relate to. Like anemia or leaving their country, or even the emotional side to it. You’re such a strong person for going through all of this.

  7. I liked your story and how you overcame such a hard problem in your life. YIU should include some dialogue so that the reader can connect with you more and watch out for grammar mistakes overall very good story

  8. In my opinion I believe that your second paragraph should be your first, where you started talking about how you left your mom in DR and also if you could add how your life was like in DR and when you came to New York if it was a big change or not.Overall this was a very good essay and very captivating.

  9. Amazing essay. Thank you for sharing this. It’s great to know that you are a hard worker. life always teaches us lessons and i feel like yours is one that certain people can relate to.

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