12 thoughts on “Feedback for Kazi Hasan”

  1. I like how honest your writing is and the idea was nicely done, Responsibility is a big lesson that teaches valuable life skill, the part where you mention the difference youth and adulthood are  deeply resonates with me. overall I enjoyed how creative the sentence was.

  2. Love your honesty in writing your story and how do not hold back on your mistakes. You made me, the reader feel like I am part of your story, it relates a lot to us, the youth. Loved it overall.

  3. I like the experience you learn about life. But I think you need to fix your grammar mistake and and be carefully with

    (, and .) Also don’t write (u) like that. Write in complete word (you).


  4. I have to agree with you on this essay because I too really disliked school. The only issue I would fix is a few grammar mistakes you have through out the essay, other than that I though your essay was good.

  5. I like your story and how you talk about growing up. As kids we never really thought what adulting was really like. You’re story reminds me of how different life was back then. We were careless of things that were happening around us and now we see things on a different perspective. There were some grammar mistakes that could be fixed and somethings that could be added.

  6. Thank you for sharing. You are definitely right with the responsibility. You also had a great structure. I would just say read it over for some grammatical mistakes.

  7. Kazi, I really enjoyed reading your story. It is relatable in so many ways. School is not for everyone but, school in all honesty is not as bad as people make it seem. and your right, growing up sucks as it comes with so much responsibility. once again, good job. watch out for grammatical errors and sentence structures.

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