14 thoughts on “Feedback for Ishrat”

  1. Your story was very relatable and I feel like we all had a school struggle like this. I really enjoy it because I personally relate to it a lot and I also enjoyed how you emphasized specific details like who helped you through your struggle. My only suggestion is to be careful with making grammar mistakes.

  2. It was clear from the beginning to the end what the essay was about, and with at great pacing at that. There were grammar mistakes that made it difficult to understand what you were trying to say sometimes, but the message was understood.

  3. Lots of students can relate to this message for sure. Loved the progression in the essay as well as the descriptive details in the essay. I think lots of students can benefit from reading this essay.

  4. Relating to your essay was easy because of the way how you talked about your highschool experience, I recently graduated high-school and let me tell you, it was definitely not easy for sure. Your point was clear but I think you can improve on your grammar a lot more in order for others to understand your statements.

  5. It was great that you shared this because i feel like i could of relate to your story at some point of my high school year. I’ll just say grammar is tricky so just watch out for them and the way you use them.

  6. Most of us can relate to your story in some way we all had school struggles. Just be keep an eye out for some of the simple grammatical errors that can be corrected

  7. I enjoyed your story mostly because it was something that most students can actually relate to, its interesting to read something when you can relate to it it just makes you wanna keep reading and see what else people go through when you thought you were the only one, i would say watch out for grammar mistakes other than that your story was very enjoyable

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