15 thoughts on “Feedback for Emily”

  1. I appreciated you essay on a different level because most of my high school experience mainly dealt with strict teachers. Your essay is well written, not only personal but very relatable for anyone who has a type of education. I would suggest more narrative details and a quick proof read to catch those little mistakes but for the most part I loved it

  2. I like how your teacher taught you how to manage time, I do agree some negative experience can turn to positive. I enjoyed your writing

  3. This essay is well written and would connect to majority of your audience who has had this experience in their educational journey.From what I’ve experienced this was definitely a struggle having to deal with a strict teacher and doing an immense amount of school work at a young age but it did all turn out for the better.All in all this was a good essay just small mistakes and could include a bit more details in the background of the people/teachers.

  4. Your essay resonated with me. I’ve experienced similar teacher, but did get the same message that is stated in ur essay. I did like how relatable ur essay was. You did have some mistakes here and there, like story structure.

  5. I think that your essay is really well put together, I also agree with you on the fact that teachers can be really strict but at the end of the day we benefit from it. In my opinion your essay was really great and I wouldn’t change anything about it.

  6. The intro is really effective, it makes me wonder what were those advancements for you and you tell me about them while narrating the story and I believe that being able to that is more impressive and reveals how well thought has this essay being for you.

  7. I enjoyed reading your experience because I feel like a lot of people could relate, including myself. A lot of students have dealt with teachers like yours and didn’t learn what you did. Teachers like those typically aren’t just rude to be rude, they want the best for their students. Maybe the message gets lost in translation, but thanks for sharing.

  8. This essay was very good. I really like how you structured your essay and the story you are telling us. Not a lot of people are able to see what a teachers real intentions are when they are very strict on us.

  9. Although were in college now I think our experiences in high school will definitely help us in this long journey to our degrees. But fix grammar a little but I definitely enjoyed this essay.

  10. This was a great essay. Thank you for sharing. I wish a teacher like yours because i also needed help with time management. The structure of the essay was great. All i would say is fixing some of the grammar would be great.

  11. Great educational experience. I’m glad how you learned and realized your teacher’s strictness was only for the better.

  12. This was a great essay, It was well written and I like how in the end you realized it wasn’t all in vein. Your teacher only pushed you because she wanted the best for you and the other students. There are just a few grammatical errors that need to be looked at.

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