Research Methods: Academic Sources Assignment

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Academic Sources Assignment (Pdf)

Suggested Steps to Acquire Strong Academic Sources

In addition to the skills developed during our research methods session in the library, consider the following steps which may assist in acquiring sound academic sources.

Step One: Develop (or further develop) your Research Question (NYCCT Library Website)

  • From the paper topics I provided,¬†you have chosen a research question.¬†It is helpful¬†however to think about how to develop a research question. In some courses you may only be given a topic or general idea. You also may want to expand on the questions that I have asked or take a slightly¬†different direction. Think¬†specifically¬†about the question(s) you are asking so that you may begin to conduct the research to find answers.

Step Two: Identify Keywords (NYCCT Library Website)

  • When searching for books and articles, you will need to input keywords. Now that you have your research question think about what keywords you will use.

Step Three: Search for Information (NYCCT Library Website)

  • Search for information online¬†to get general information and a feel for what is out there.

Step Four: Search for Academic Sources  (NYCCT Library Website)

  • Use the link above to search for academic journal articles in academic databases within CUNY. You may also search¬†the¬†New York Public Library¬†for material. If you’d like, document your search using this worksheet (Pdf), which may ¬†proves useful as you conduct further research.

Step Five: Evaluate Your Sources (Hunter College Library Website)

  • Evaluate your sources and choose the best sources to answer your research question.