Cooper Hewitt Collections

  • monochromatic- One Static color that uses variations of its own hue and saturations without veering to far to another color.


  • analogous- acending or decending on the color wheel without skipping colors on the wheel. (Orange- Orange red, yellow)

  • complementary- a color exactly across the color wheel. (Orange – Blue)




  • triad- Three colors on the color wheel that form a triangle. (Red, blue, yellow)






  • tetrad- Four colors on the color wheel that forms a type of box.┬á

Future jobs

Pigeon planes

  • I would love to work for Pigeon Planes because they are centered around a really awesome group of musicians. They promote a lot of up and coming artists and with my design and advertising expertise we could really help them get to the big time. I love how independent and different they are from other music journalism sites. I feel like i can really strive in that type of environment.

Webster Hall

  • i think id do an amazing job advertising for a major concert venue. Webster hall being one of the most popular in New York City makes me really want to connect to it and make it pop off more. I love the idea of being part of the music environment and promoting live music. I would hope to do online advertising, print advertising, and general buzz for them. Create a lot hype for the up coming events and parties.

Any Large scale company

  • just working in the advertisement field would make me endlessly happy. It somewhere i know i can find happiness and push my abilities at. The more i find that i am inspiring thought and actions the happier i will be. The Happier I am the better my work is.


Low key-of reduced intensity; restrained; understated.having chiefly dark tones, usually with little tonal contrast .

-When something is less vibrant or grasping

high key-having chiefly light tones, usually with little tonal contrast.

-Making something pop over the other tones in the project.

texture density-It also involves groups of objects appearing denser as they move farther away. Also could be explained by noticing a certain amount of detail depending on how close something is, giving a sense of depth perception.


the way something looks more detailed then another objective giving it a sense of space in relation to its focus.

gouache-a method of painting using opaque pigments ground in water and thickened with a gluelike substance

– changing the texture of the paint to make it look darker and thicker.

Tonal progression-is a succession of color mixtures proceeding from dark to light. In addition to value change

-The more color you add changing it to different lightness or darkness.

shade- a color, especially with regard to how light or dark it is or as distinguished from one nearly like it.

-How light or dark something is

tint-  various lighter or darker shades of a color.

-how the shades look lighter or darker

tone- in an artistic context refers to the light and dark values used to render a realistic object, or to create an abstract composition.


-how lightness and darkness make art realistic. 

venn diagram-uses circles to represent sets, in which the relations between the sets are indicated by the arrangement of the circles.

– The way colors over lap when they combine

More examples of transparency

This is a cool example because you can slightly seethe different circles are the others. One can also see the insides of the circles and the different layers. Its a pretty cool piece with a lot going on if you look closely.

 This is an example of lead with a transparency background. Pretty cool how we have some layers and different folds to him. If it had some different colors that would be cool but as is it has great form and life.

This is an example of pen on a transparent background, I love how symmetrical this piece is and how the fish over lap the background. Very interesting shapes and design here.


In time for valentines day City Tech College allows you to get a 20% Discount at 1-800-Flowers. This is ideal to get your loved ones or someone special the right gift for the holiday. This discount is this occasion but can be used for any type of significant day that a set of flowers can bring joy to.

Subway Billboards

This is a poor example of advertising because “I SEE YOU” is the name of the book but its really weirdly placed on the add. Followed by “SO DO I.” In a different font because its not the title but you don’t really until you done reading the whole top section of the ad. You really have no idea what its about and its not very gripping at all.

I like this add because its title is hudge and is placed right under he’s feet. The image properly corresponds to the title in a goofy way because the couch is in the middle of the street, so you know its going to be a comedy. The the other import information is just as bold and big right under neath the title. Simple and direct!

I love this add because not only do i often go to webster hall it has a really cool feeling to it. “GOTHAM” in big bold outlined letters looks really epic with the back ground being a massive image in black and white that seems very interesting. Following webster hall as the location in its own type of font. It slogan and entirety of the ad makes you really want to find out more.


This photo has sense of how fast holiday seasons speed by. The moons feel like changing days at different times and different places while the floor creates a sense of constant motion. The family is just passing through the festive season.

 The cars use of light creates a type of rhythm because its starts of as big blocks of yellow then gets a darker shade of yellow in like a streak then blacker in a large box. its has just a really interesting pattern that creates depth and motion.

Having all these paint cans lined up makes me think they are on a conveyer belt moving through the processing line. Its also seems like he choose this short to make it seem like the paints are endless.