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Interview with Brandy Ortiz

Interviewing Brandy was a fun experience. I got to know more about her on what she liked and what she wanted to do in the COMD major. Editing the video in Premiere Pro was a new thing for me because I have never used the program before. The program that I’ve only used was iMovie to edit a video for my English class. While using the program, I watched some youtube videos to get the basics of it. After playing around with it, I got the hang of it. I kind of liked editing the videos and hope to use the program more in the future.

Visually Enhanced Quote Project (Revised)

visual-quote-revised visual-quote-revised2

For the visual quote project the ones that I chose to revise were these two drawings:

  1. On the first artwork, what I revised was the quote. I left the word “world” the same font but decreased the type size. For the rest of the quotes I changed the font type to san serif and lowercased the “I”. I also added the name of the person who said the quote which I forgot to add in my other quote drawings. With the feet, I just spread it a little far apart so it wouldn’t be too close to the quote.
  2. For the second artwork, I kept the fonts the same for the quote but lowercased “there’s”. With “at your” I decreased the font size and put it on the elf. I left the feet drawing, and took out the word foot. I did this because since I have the image of it, I wanted the viewer to look at the quote and try to figure out what it’s trying to say.