For my final, I was planning on taking pictures on this specific hair product for men only. This hair product is called Suavecito. A lot of hair stylers and men love to wear this hair product because it gives style to their hair. Men love taking care of their hair. This hair product adds volume and texture. So the way i was planning on taking this shot was having my model show of the hair product. I would have the lens focus on the hair product. I’m making my model hold the hair product and apply some to his hair. I’m bringing a comb and blow dryer. My viewers are men and hairstylist. As a man and as a user of this product i want to let others know about this hair product. This whole concept is me promoting this hair product.

Andrew Scrivani

Any pictures that have shallow of depth or bright colors catch my attention in general. For example in this one, I really like how Andrew uses shallow of depth in this picture. He has the lens focusing on the drink instead of the bartender. Thinking about it I think the idea of just having the lens focus only on the drink instead of having the whole frame focus. Having the lens focus only on the drink you can see the color of the drink. Looking at this picture i get this local bar vibe. Somewhere not around the city. This is more of a neighborhood local bar. I also noticed that in this picture he just used natural light. I also noticed that in his other pictures he likes to show detail and he likes to take up-close pictures and he uses natural light.

Jill Keller

I found this picture very interesting. I think Jill is trying to send us a message with this picture. Is she trying to tell us that we should eat more healthy? Is she trying to say that America should all eat fruits and vegetables? I mean right now the food industry is bad right now. All the food like meats and dairy are filled with GMOs and other chemicals. A lot of Americans are suffering from disease due to all of this food that is contaminated with so many chemicals and a lot of Americans are overweight. I don’t know that’s what I got from this picture. But after all, I really like the concept and how well it’s composed. The way she set up the fruits really well and how she managed to make it look like the united states is very impressing. I noticed she only used certain fruits only. I like that she didn’t use all different types of fruits. she stuck with grapes, pears, bananas, kiwis, and apples. I also noticed this was taken with studio lights because in her other pictures I noticed that she uses natural light.

Richard Foster

What I found about this picture so interesting is the concept. I like how Richard set up the whole scene. But what really caught my attention was how he created this polygram shape with the perfume bottle. I don’t know if that was intentional but at the end of the day, it worked really well. I’m also confused with the shapes in the background. I don’t know if they were created with the studio lights or he had to do it himself. I also like the use of light. It’s not dark and it’s not too bright. As the use of gray background worked really well with this shot. He also did well by setting the perfume bottle on a white surface which made the perfume bottle stand out. I also like how he has the perfume bottle set up on the edge which I think it also helps the perfume bottle stand out instead of taking a front view picture.

Final Proposal – Video Games

For my proposal, I want to create a campaign of games being fun because lately video games are being put in a negative light through media outlets. Originally I wanted to show how games are beneficial when it comes to cognitive development, motor skills, vision and then some. But that has proven difficult to translate into imagery. Instead I settled with trying to show games are meant to be fun. To be honest, there isn’t a lot of positive word of mouth for video games and that they’re meant to be harmless for photography and PSAs. So it’s kind of difficult trying to find campaigns similar to mine, most times like previously mentioned I’ve encountered negative PSAs. As for the audience, the campaign is meant to reach out to people who maybe unsure about video games.

Final Project

For my final project, I want to take photos for an H&M Fall/Winter clothing catalog. I really like the brand and it is a go-to for many of my peers. It’s a fast-fashion brand that focuses much on millennials and older Gen-Z. They cater to both street and sophisticated styles. Offering some loud and also clean clothing, they have an outfit for any occasion. With basic and classic pieces, for both their streetwear and more casual looks, the brand is pretty versatile. They’re competitors are Zara and Forever 21, with H&M standing more as a middle-ground between the two.

The images I want to take will all include people, but some will have a stronger focus on the clothing itself and not show the persons face. The style will be fall/winter, therefore the pieces should reflect that season and mood. The main components of the outfits should be of earth tones, neutral colors, and intense, dark colors (maroon, navy, mustard).

The overall moods of the catalog should show comfort and confidence.

Final Project Proposal Redo

When I think of an important issue I think of self-love and self-worth. At times we don’t take a pause at life and stop to appreciate our selves. I attended a self-love workshop and one of the activities was to look in a mirror and give yourself compliments. Shockingly it was harder than expected. Doing this activity really opened my eyes and I want to combine that experience into my final project.

For my final project, I want my campaign to be self-love. I will have a series of different models, and in each picture, they will be looking into a mirror. I want to make sure to capture both of them and their reflection. I want my images to encourage people to love in the mirror and show love to themselves. Without self-love, it’s impossible to love anyone else. How can you love others when you don’t love yourself.

For the campaign I want it to have the text, “Self-Love starts with you” or “Self-Love starts with loving your reflection.” Another idea I was thinking is finding positive quotes from other people of things they’ll say to themselves in the mirror. I want my campaign to have a very serious feel, I want it to feel very powerful.

final proposal

For my final, I want to do food photography and my subject will Mexican sweet bread (pan dulce), it will be an advertisement for a baking magazine. My target audience will be for people who are interested in baking, as well as for people who like Mexican pastry. I want this to give off two different tones with different backgrounds, white background for it to feel cheerful and a black background to feel warm. This bread can be enjoyed at different times of the year, the way I would execute this besides the background will be the props needed and different variety of bread. As well as capture three-quarter view and overhead shots, as well as the depth of field, is key to emphasize the bread.


Final Project Proposal EDITED – Gennessy Palma

Through ADV photography class I learned that creating still life is an art. After seeing the examples you provided me professor, I decided to go with my inspirations being Paulette Tavorima and Amy Lamb. For my final project I will be creating still life floral design photography. I want to work on both color aspect and black and white aspect. I want to show the world the beauty that is nature, nature itself is a art bestowed to us by the heavens. My concept will be to advertise nature to show the audience how tranquil it is. Nature helps soothe me when I am stressed, I am sure it can help others as well, I believe it to be an eye candy.

My vision is to show  plants you overlook everyday photographed with different kinds of lighting. I have various props in which can be a summer and winter edition.

Inspiration Links:


My images will include still life photography and the mood is tranquil. I want to show something that’ll give people a sense of relaxation, they wont feel overwhelmed when looking at the photograph. My photos will depict of various floral objects such as holiday pines and berries, as well as spring like floral designs with butterflies. I’m going to play with several lighting techniques, I want to have some dramatical displays and some serene displays, I want to use the time I have left in this class to experiment with lighting a bit more.


Final Project Proposal – Antone Herbert (Edited)

For my final project I want to do a photography based ad campaign for my mothers jewelry. She designed and sells jewelry for the 2001 World Trade Center memorial.  In response to the 9/11 2001 attacks on the world trade center my mother designed an assortment 14k gold and silver jewelry in memorial of the event. My ad campaign is both selling a brand/advertising and communicating about an issue because im trying to sell my mothers jewelry about a very sensitive event that affected a ton of people citywide in New York. I have three pieces of the jewelry that my mother designed. 

My target audience is people who want to celebrate the lives and memories of those who were lost in the 9/11 attacks. My images will be still life photography and also use models to show how the jewelry looks on and off a human subject. I want the tone of the project to be glamorous and really show off the sparkle and shine of the gold. For my models I will ask for the help of some classmates to wear the jewelry. For lighting im thinking overhead light or side lighting to give a glimmer of light to the gold products. I am hoping to capture and create ad campaigns comparable to the likes o Zales, Pandora, and other big jewelry manufacturers and sellers you see in magazines. I know the reflections, sheen, and composition will be my biggest challenges in this project.