Quentin Bacon

  • depth of field
  • white background
  • not too busy
  • neutral to the subject

The photograph is appetizing because of the composition, the way it’s plated evenly on the to wooden board. The two separated sandwiches that creates depth of field, as we focus on the centered sandwich. The background is white and does not distract the audience from the subject, the cloth underneath the wooden bounces light onto the board and sandwiches. The use of natural/available light makes the sandwich refreshing, as it is a healthy looking sandwich. Moreover, the use of extra ingredients such as the herb and the tomato directs us to the sandwich. Plus, the angle that the photograph was taken compliments the sandwich because the bread is tilted slightly so we can view the ingredients but can still see the bread.
What I noticed about his style of food photography is that they make use of filling the frame or not, high angle, a few are at eye level.  As well as make us of his props and background, some props make the image feel more authentic and tells a story of the creation of said food. The background enhances the subject and the details.

1 thought on “Quentin Bacon

  1. rmichals

    This is a lovely shot. this really does look like natural light. You can see its advantages. it a little cool and so soft and pleasing.

    this photo certainly uses shallow depth of field-meaning the larger closer sandwich is in focus while the smaller further one is not.

    it also uses perspective both in the converging lines of the cutting board and the cooperative scale of the two sandwiches. Perspective is the creation of the feeling of a 3d space (depth) on a 2d surface. Be careful not to mix it up with depth of field which relates to focus.


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