Quentin Bacon

I feel that food photography is very important because it’s what will get people to go ahead and make the food purchase. The food has to look very delicious and Quentin Bacon does a wonderful job of showing food.

From looking at all of her photos, her pictures feel as if I’m at the table with the food as well. I love how she’s able to bring the food to life. My favorite picture on her page is the dish od Mac and cheese. This image shows how cheesy the meal is.

The Smith DC

I like how she was able to capture the moment. I feel that this brings it out more than just a regular close up of the dish. This was a smart image because it shows not only the outside of the dish but the inside and what to expect when they put their forks in the dish.  Another great thing about the image is the lighting, I think there’s only a key light because the dish is well lit and I don’t see any shadows. I feel broad lighting was used. The lighting makes the dish look really appealing and there’s a good amount of contrast or clarity which brings out the crispness on top of the dish.

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  1. rmichals

    This is a very appetizing shot. I think it is masterful how the dish, the cloth the plate and the fork are all light objects agains a generally dark background. And the action of the fork really brings out the sensation of eating warm cheese.

    Watch when you use the word broad for lighting. It means what you want to say in English. thats true but in photography we generally use broad light to mean a portrait lighting style.

    You mean that the light is soft. You can also say diffused. The opposites are hard or direct.


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