Peter Hurley is a photographer who lives in New York City expert on headshot and portrait. “He’s best known for the genuine expressions he captures for his executive business portraits and actor’s headshots.”
I’m a big fan of studio shoots but more I looked up all this inspiration it makes me hate studio shoots because it’s so limited and every picture starting to look smiler and all use of light like front light or backlight or any other light accept nature light because it makes feel less connected to the photo.
I like this picture because this is a creative way of using light. this picture related me you can see it not night sun is not when down but is going to sleep that’s how life s you have to wake up early for the job and can’t get enough sleep. This picture show was the life of city people living in an apartment and alone because of city people is so busy with their job and this shows all of that.

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  1. rmichals

    So while I did put Peter Hurley on the syllabus for the fourth inspiration, the syllabus is an outline. On the handout, I asked a specific question about Celeste Sloman’s photos of the Women of the 116th congress. They are not re-touched and I think it makes a powerful statement.

    the picture that you did select does create a sense of the man being isolated from others. he is relatively small compared to the door and the wall both of which are very institutional.


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