Inspiration- Celeste Sloman

This photo was the one I chose out of a series representing the Women of the 116th Congress by Celeste Sloman. This portrait of Kirsten Gillibrand caught my attention. What I really liked about this photo as soon as I saw it I was really pulled in my the lightness and softness of this photo. From the lighting to the color to the positioning, this photo gives off a really soft and light feeling. The lighting in this photo is soft broad lighting and it seems that there was also a diffuser used since the lighting is so soft. The composition in this photo is good as well because her head and shoulders fill the frame so it is laid out well. There also seems to be a good amount of emotion in this photo as well. Gillibrand’s eyes in the photo look to be ‘hopeful’ or ‘looking forward to the future’. Gillibrand’s eyes also are well composed with the backdrop of the photo. Gillibrand is also posed with her chin up and at a 3/4 view which allows her jawline to be extenuated and makes her look powerful and confident. Her facial expression as well makes her seem confident giving off the calming smile and also making her look confident.

1 thought on “Inspiration- Celeste Sloman

  1. rmichals

    You make a great point about the jawline. Sloman has brought it out by not using too much fill under the chin, adding power to the depiction of our Senator.

    She also does not re-touch the photo. We can see Gillibrand’s wrinkles without apology.

    When we talk about light, you can use the terms soft and diffused interchangeably. Try to stay away from the term broad light as that means something specific in photography. and oh, this photo is a terrific example of short light. Her face is in a 3/4 view and the light falls on the side of her face with the features.


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