Yousef Karsh & Nadav Kandar

Yousef Karsh and Nadav Kandar are both very talented photographers with similar yet different styles. They both specialized in portrait photography.

Yousef Karsh’s photographs were in black and white. What I liked about his photographs where the lighting. I love how he brought out the shadows which added texture to the black and white. Sometimes when I see a black and white picture feel it doesn’t go with the picture but Yousef Karsh made sure it makes the pictures work together with the black and white.

While Nadav Kandar also works with black and whites and also adds a different texture to some of his pictures. What I love about some of his black and whites is when he adds a tint of blue. It makes the picture feel very warm, this was a very unique technique. I feel that black and white photography can show a sense of seriousness and when he adds the blue it lightness up the mood.




1 thought on “Yousef Karsh & Nadav Kandar

  1. rmichals

    These are two photographers from different times. Karsh used b/w because he had no choice. Kander is alive and working now and has more options than Karsh did.

    It also may be best to write about specific photos. For example when Kander photographed Steve Bannon (2016) who worked for Trump, he kept all the tones darker than 50 percent making it very low contrast except for maybe the hair light. Compare that to Karsh’s black and white. Karsh always has a full tonal range meaning that there is a bright white and a dark black and every tone in between. such as in the photo of Leonid Brezhnev (1963.) Kander’s manipulation of the tones creates an ominous feeling that is entirely lacking in the Karsh photo which almost seems cheerful.


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