Inspiration #2

Both Karsh’s and Kandar’s work have a deep,dark moodiness about them revolving their subjects. After looking at Karsh’s work I noticed that his style is exclusively black and white, but also have a lot of emotion held within them. The black and white effect is a nice contrast compared to his subjects who are energized and seem to have a positive aura surrounding them. Kandar’s work is similar, yet also quite different compared to the work of Karsh. Kandar’s work has sort of a cool monochromatic color scheme using a mix of blues, greys, blacks etc. And while Kandar’s work has some kind of color in it his subjects appear to be a lot more moody compared to Karsh. A majority of his subjects look deep in thought and emotional, also with a lot of them not looking at the camera. One tacit that I learned from looking at Karsh and Kandar is to maybe work on human emotion in my photos. Instead of the person looking stiff and emotionless maybe try to convey a little emotion from them in my photos. Not just with the subject but maybe with the background or any other photo effects etc.

One thought on “Inspiration #2

  1. rmichals

    One difference between these two is I would say that Karsh was always trying tomake his subjects look good. Kander doesn’t always care about this sometimes going for a more experiemental image.

    Great thought about what to take from these masters. The only question is how to create that emotion!


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