Dawoud Bey Homework

Bey uses the idea of the 4 sides of the picture to help create the composition and the layout of the photograph. He uses the students gesture or posture to shape and frame the photograph. Bey states that he puts a lot of direction and thought into these photos and may want a student to model in a particular place. However he states that he tries his best not to make his directors hand so apparent to the student subjects. He wants them to feel comfortable and to act natural so that the photo is more genuine. Bey also has to consider things like setting up lighting and the background of the photo to create his image. Both Bey and the student subject. have to unconsciously work together to help create the photograph. Some of the things I picked up from Bey relating to portrait photography is how to work together unconsciously with my subject and get comfortable with them in order to create a  more genuine photograph. I think one of the things to make my subject more comfortable is by small talk or to act not as a ‘director’ but more as a ‘helper’ to help them position or to have a certain expression. Also I picked up and learned about the 4 sides of a photograph; which is essentially just the 4 framed sides around any photo. I think it is a good tactic to help and create the photo by shaping and framing the subjects figure around the 4 sides and to have it proportionally fit the frame. All of these tactics from Bey will help make my portrait photos more genuine and will improve my connection with my subjects.

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  1. rmichals

    You listened carefully to Bey in the video! When I hear the term “the four sides of a photograph” I think it is just a reminder to scan the four edges of the photo before you take it making sure that there is nothing distracting intruding and that you are not cutting anything important off. The whole frame is important.


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