Dawoud Bey

Dawoud uses the lighting from one angle capture the features of the students perfectly. Highlighting the most basic features on a person like the eyes and somehow capturing the sense of innocence and pureness. The subject is at the focal point of the shoot and with the background being being out of focus makes them pop more than if everything was in focus. As well the colors of the students clothing and the contrasting of the background make the the student standout due to the fact that the background is more colorful and lively but the students’ with muted clothing capture the viewers eyes more taking away from the busy backgrounds. The posing of the students create the sense and feeling of innocence and being more mature than their ages. Bey captures those elements well with the angles and lighting of the students to create that helpless sense and in their need of guidance although in their stories them seem to have that already. Bey’s portraits of the students wants me to focus on the subjects features more and how i postion the person in the frame. To take more photos from the front of the subject rather than moving all over the place.

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  1. rmichals

    It is a good point to mention to coordination of color between the student’s wardrobe and the classroom. Bey has no control over what the student is wearing but he can position them in the classroom to either compliment the colors or find a relatively neutral background.


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