This image in particular is my favorite because my group managed to capture motion, with some stability. The image is not overly chaotic but it shows different positions. I believe the image is well lit as well with a nice amount of contrast as well.

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Multiple Exposure

This is my first time using multiple Exposure and it has been such a a great experience and very fun. The reason that this is my personal best is because of the mood that this image gives out.  Its very creative and makes you wonder. One image has a hoodie head down while the other one has no hoodie on making us think that he has an idea ready. It was very interesting how he shows two emotions in one.  Background is dark making this image pop our even more.Wait Its time!

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Motion Picture


Today in class we did stop motion photography, which allowed us to get a wide range of interesting photographs. I believe this picture was my personal best of the day mainly because of the strangeness of it. Since I took the photo I know what it is/suppose to be but to a random person it’s a curious sight.  Besides the overall composition of the photo it is well lit and has a good range of contrast. Also it being taken in rule of thirds makes it a lot more dynamic.

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My Best 5


I like this photo because of how it shows two states in time blended into one, showing a passage of time spent thinking. The lights and darks came out really well as well, giving it a good range of color.

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Multiple Exposures



Today we worked with multiple exposures. The shutter speed was set on bulb which let us create different poses in one. This photograph was my favorite we had to tell a story with a beginning, middle and end. In this photograph I told him to turn into the Hulk and it is exactly the expression he gave. This studio activity was definitely my favorite it let us really express ourselves.

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Multiple Exposures


This is my favorite photograph from today’s shoot because of the whole composition of it. First the image is really busy and the subject is covering the whole frame. Also working with multiple exposures, makes the subject looking more interesting. The reason why I like it, is because by using the multiple exposures, we get the subject moving around himself, and the center part its really sharp in contrast to the rest of the shot.

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Multiple Exposures


I like this one. This had light onto the subject’s face. While the light was flicking, the subject moved but stop when it was dark.

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I think this was one of our best photos because it was our last idea, just to have the water pouring to see how it fell over a hand and how it would drip down. I feel like what we wanted to have happen came out well. We tried to do this many times and just saw that it would be better to continuously pour and shoot at the same time so that we wouldn’t miss the action. I feel that it looks elegant even though our original intention was to have it look more gruesome. I really like how this came out especially since we were just playing around with ideas and didn’t think it would work well.

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Water Glass

My personal best from our group has to be this one. The reason is because of how the shutter ad flashed caught this moment, making the water look like its going across each other, and inside the each others glass, making a nice circle oval shape, a very interesting  image.  Its interesting how the back lighting makes this image come out to be very effective.  The two glasses are very interesting how one glass if full and the other is half empty. With no diffused lighting and just using flash, this image came out great i enjoyed being part of it.IMG_5822

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My Best 4

This photo’s figure is notable for its spontaneity and chance and that why I feel it is the best out of the group of pictures. It would have been easy for it to be a formless splash, but instead it took on the appearance of a humanoid shape suspended in the air. IMG_9885

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