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`On our adventurous trip through lower manhattan we visited many memorable exhibits. My favorite three are: Photographer: Ansel Adams: Classic Images, Robert Mann Gallery, 525 west 26th street What stood out most to me in this gallery was the beautiful variety … Continue reading

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This image in particular is my favorite because my group managed to capture motion, with some stability. The image is not overly chaotic but it shows different positions. I believe the image is well lit as well with a nice … Continue reading

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DIY home studio

When I began to set up my at home studio, I thought it would be a breeze because I had some materials like lights that I bought a year or two ago. Unfortunately I was unable to find the lights … Continue reading

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HW #1

HW # 1 – DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY II If I were the art director in charge of the Honda FCX Clarity, a fuel cell Electric Vehicle, the photographer I Would choose is Tim Wallace. Although Tim Wallace typically photographs cars that … Continue reading

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Learning Log – Egg project

I chose this image as my personal best, I like how the egg is a strong contrast to the dark black background. This image’s lighting is side light.  This type of lighting helped the yolk inside the egg shine through. … Continue reading

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LL2 – High Key

This photograph is an example of High Key. This image consists of mostly light tones. The Lower angle along with the light tones helps highlight the importance of the bottle. This image also has a selective focus as the background … Continue reading

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