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Multiple Exposures

I think this photo came out well because it was where we finally realized that the more movement and flashes, the more blur in the photo. We solved one of these problems by having them stand still so that at least … Continue reading

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  I think this was one of our best photos because it was our last idea, just to have the water pouring to see how it fell over a hand and how it would drip down. I feel like what … Continue reading

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Stuffed Animal

  I feel that this was my personal best from our stuffed animal shoot because it was after taking this picture that I understood what to do to create the contrast as explained in the Inverse Square Law video. Though … Continue reading

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The idea for this photo came to our group by accident. While doing a different shot, we noticed that we could create an image where the egg was almost completely half lit, half shadow. So to achieve this, we stood … Continue reading

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Gallery Review

Rectangular Squares (group exhibit) All of the photos in Rectangular Squares utilize the idea of frames within frames. The images are all of different things, some subjects are people, others are objects or spaces. Some of the frames used within the … Continue reading

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Home Studio

  My main issue in creating my mini studio was where to put it. I decided to try a space in my washroom. It’s a tight fit, in between the dryer and the wall and the surface I used is … Continue reading

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Portrait Lighting

    I feel that this photo is effective because it’s well lit. There are multiple light sources so it uses diffused light to make the shadows softer. The fill light opens up her face and along with her expression makes the … Continue reading

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I feel that this was my best photo because of how clearly it shows texture. The close up makes it hard to know exactly what the subject is but you know for sure it’s made of denim & because of … Continue reading

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HW #1 – Honda FCX Clarity

In order to boost sales, I feel that the Honda FCX Clarity needs to be showcased as a part of everyday life so that more consumers will focus on the practicality of the car and not view it as inferior … Continue reading

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  Greg Shapps’ photo of the water gun intrigued me the most because of the strong stream of water shooting out of the gun. That stream creates a straight line that directs your eye the same way the gun is … Continue reading

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