Water Glass

My personal best from our group has to be this one. The reason is because of how the shutter ad flashed caught this moment, making the water look like its going across each other, and inside the each others glass, making a nice circle oval shape, a very interesting  image.  Its interesting how the back lighting makes this image come out to be very effective.  The two glasses are very interesting how one glass if full and the other is half empty. With no diffused lighting and just using flash, this image came out great i enjoyed being part of it.IMG_5822

About Jessica

I look for a different challenge every day. To me, everything I see is full of wonder. Visual is the reason why I am who I am; it brings everything to life and it’s the reason why art is so valuable in today’s society. I am experienced with Layout Design, Interactive, Photography, and Packaging Design. With these categories, I tend to evoke publication to life, with color-intention and typography to make the work appealing. I believe in simplicity and clean design that gets the message across. I have a great love for magazines, books, photography and environmental issues.
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