HW #1 – Honda FCX Clarity

In order to boost sales, I feel that the Honda FCX Clarity needs to be showcased as a part of everyday life so that more consumers will focus on the practicality of the car and not view it as inferior to cars that use regular fuel. The photographer that I feel could successfully capture the everyday necessity of the Clarity is Clint Clemens. I feel that Clint would be a good choice because of the photos he’s shot for other car brands such as Volvo, Chrysler, Toyota and Volkswagen that incorporated children and family life into their ads.

Clint Clemens Screen Shots

Clemens has photos that highlight the people in the ads but also put the cars in focus. In many of the shots, he uses selective focus so that the center of the image (in some cases, The part of the photo where the people and vehicle interact or overlap) is in focus while the outer parts are blurred. Another element Clemens utilizes is deep space – there is clearly a lot of distance between many of the people and the cars. The viewpoints of the images vary – some are at I level from many are overhead to better show the cars and some are at unusual angles depending on the kind of model in the photo (children are at different angles then adults). The photos are all lit to draw your eyes to the car that’s being shown and the lighting styles have a variety – some are backlit, some use direct light, and others are lit from the side – so that the photos don’t all look the same but still highlight the same thing.

Because of Clint Clemens’ ability to connect cars to family life and fun, I feel that choosing him to shoot the new ad campaign would be a good move to get more people to see the Honda FCX Clarity as a car that fits into their lives.

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  1. rmichals says:

    If you want someone to connect happy family life to the car, then Clemens is certainly a better choice than Wallace.

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