HW1_Making an Assignment

HW1: Making an Assignment. 5pts. Due September 9. Select the category HW1. 300 words minimum.

You are an art director for The Honda FCX Clarity, a fuel cell Electric Vehicle. Sales aren’t good as the public views electric cars as inferior. You are about to shoot a new campaign. What is your goal for the look and feel of the photographs?


Decide which of the three photographers listed below you would select to shoot the new campaign. Why did you select this photographer over the other two? Be specific. Use at least 4 terms from the visual elements handout. Exactly what do you see in the style of this photographer that makes you think that he can get the look you want? What does this photographer bring to the brand?


Don Dixon

http://www.dixonfilm.com/   commercial photography>automotive

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Clint Clemens   http://www.clintclemens.com


Tim Wallace   http://www.ambientlife.co.uk/section208954.html



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