LL9 – Final Evaluation – Juan Losada

First of all I want to say that this was an awesome class. We did so much cool stuff. Field trips, different kinds of photo shoots in the studio. I t was a good semester. One of the things that I learned and that will help me in the future is to use all the photography equipment we used in class: lights, tripod, backgrounds, umbrellas, etc. Now I feel more confident if in the future I might need to step in a studio and help. Now it will look like  I know what I am doing, for example, where to place the lights, use the meter right,etc.

The second thing I learned was to decide what is best for the object/product that i am shooting. By this I mean how I want to people see my photos, what I want to express and show the audience. I f I want it to look  happy, sad, intimate, a fancy/smooth look and the type of environment that will help the object. Knowing what you want to show and what you want to make the audience feel is a what matters.

The third thing that was important is that you need patience when doing a photo shoot. You don’t always get the result you want or expect, it is not something that you can do in ten minutes or even an hour, sometimes it takes you more than that to get it right. Everything is a factor, the light, the object/model , your attitude, the environment. You need to keep doing and trying new things sometimes to get what you ┬áwant and to show what you want people to feel with your photos.

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LL7 – Direct Reflection – Juan Losada

Our group had a white background. We needed to place the strobe light in the perfect position, or turn the object a little so we wouldn’t be able to see the reflection of the light on the object. To make all the details show more we used two white foam boards to fill the places that had too much shadow. It was better than adding another light because too much light would have decreased the shadow but also would have decreased the details. We needed a smooth light and thats what we achieved. Also we need like a little flashlight for the top ob the object cause it was a little dark and also so it would not disappear into the background.

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LL6 – Contrast Juan Losada

_MG_7983 copy

_MG_8006 copy

These were our best photos of the toy shoot. The first image is a penguin. It represents a happy childhood. With the help of light and the close up of the penguin we get the feel that he is happy, like smiling. It would have been happier if we had a white background, it would have added more to the image and to the happiness feel. The rule of thirds also give the image a playful look.

The sec on image is clearly representing a bad childhood. We used a nice duck for the photo shoot. Besides having the black background we added a red filter. This gave the look of a sad childhood, besides the duck hanging. It looks like a crime scene from like a horror movie. The light with the filter helped give this feel (a bloody kind of a look).

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This was my favorite picture that shot on the field trip, I kind of sneeky took this photo in far away with out them notice´╝î because I knew the mother werent allow me to took the photo´╝îit kind of rule of third´╝îwith a stress face on the girl´╝îshe kind of looking in my direction´╝îor she might notice me´╝îthatÔÇśs why she make the face. also I like how everything surround by her were blur out´╝îthe background and foregroundwere all out of focus.


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LL7 – Yishi

In the class me and other two classmate were shooting the metal object´╝îwe need the control the shine glamour out from the metal´╝îso we need to turn it in a mostly likey 45 degree angle to prevent the shinny part´╝î make it more like a product shoot. my favorite picture out of our group shots is the one with red background shoot with the backlight and dark objectŃÇéIt not a totally product shoot ´╝îbut i found out really interesting of the postitive and negative space of black and red´╝îthe interesting shape of the metal object and the carrot make´╝îturn the shot into a different mood of honnor design work than a product shoot.

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LL3 Yishi


This is my favorite shot from the street Photo Homework, I like how the sun light shine on the side of the face made the women had a disgusting face, I like how she look directly to my camera, maybe not´╝îshe sort of gave me a disturbing face´╝îthe wrinkle on her face tell everything.Alao I like how the background was blur and the main focus were this men and women´╝îLook like theres some story behind them´╝ü

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LL9 – Final Evaluation

After the semester, the three most important concepts I learned from this class is

– the importance of long exposures with the use of a tripod. Forcing myself out of my comfort zone led me to taking strides in finding new ways of capturing the shot that I was looking for. Although I may have looked awkward lugging around a tripod in my neighborhood, it helped me vastly get a shot that I couldn’t have possibly found using the camera handheld. Strictly putting time and effort to explore different settings helped me find the ideal shots.

– using my creativity to deliver several different messages using an object, person, or gesture. This point of the semester really challenged me to think outside the box and try out different ideas. Experiments sometimes work and sometimes don’t, but if you never try they will never work. Without the help of my classmates these photo-shoots wouldn’t have been possible.

– use of different angles and critical timing in street photography. Street photography has always been my favorite type of photography and I learned that you can capture the same shot many different ways just by moving my body/arms according to the preference that I was looking for. I noticed that the viewfinder will always be my “third eye” and I must keep it open at all times and stay focused or else that once in a lifetime shot would be gone forever.

After this class I can honestly say I understand photography more then I ever did before and I will never look at photos the same because of it. I enjoy soaking it the new details that I never saw before and appreciate the works seen in galleries online and in person. I must work on my studio work and indoor lighting so I can become an overall better photographer. It was a pleasure being in this class. Thank you.


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LL8 – Hands

My favorite shot for the hands photo-shoot had to be the playful shot. My classmate and I decided to press our hands together against a clean white background. The shot was very crisp and you can feel the energy flowing from our arms into our fingers because they extended firmly from the composition. I would say in my opinion that this was one of our best photos from that shoot.

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First of all, before I mention any of the concepts I learned, I would like to say that I learned how to use the proper equipment to take the right picture. One of concepts I learned is the angle of  incidence is the equal to the angle of reflection. This is an important concept to remember when shooting for metal objects. It means that the direction the light hits the object is the same direction the light will reflect off the object.

Secondly, Knowing already that good lighting is the key to a great composition. Playing with different lighting can easily set the mood of the viewer of the photo for example High contrast and Low  key lighting versus Low contrast and High  key lighting can easily create dark and light scenarios in a  composition.

Finally, Metaphors in photography is also something new I learned. Simply by taking different concepts of simple objects can either look Bold, Crowded, playful, increase.

In over all I learned A lot but the 3 things I mentioned here stuck out to me the most.

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I liked this image of the hand the best, which depicts the metaphor “scared.” This side lit composition of the hand being dead in the middle of nothing gives the feeling of someone who can become scared of. Having the hand directing toward the ground gives an optical illusion of the fingers being longer than what they actually are. The arm tattoo gives that extra push to give that dark feel for scared. To get the background totally dark was having the side strobe light to illuminate from the right side of the from toward the left, where the subject is standing. At the same time, the subject is about a foot and a half away from the background, not allowing light hit the surface.

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