E-Portfolio Documents


Durashell Pick Proposition

Portfolio Document #1

In this proposition, I am introducing an idea of mine. It is called Durashell. It is a guitar/bass pick that is made from real sea shells. Writing this document took a lot of thought. It took a while to come up with an idea that I could not only write about, but make possible someday. I think that writing this document actually made me realize that I need to work on my critical thinking skills. I need to be able to think of ideas more quickly. I think that that was one of the challenges that I had to overcome. My favorite part of this proposition is my view. I think that this idea could take off and believe that musicians from all around the world need a pick they can rely on at all times. When this idea becomes a reality, musicians will be satisfied with it and it will become successful and popular pick.


My Value Proposition

Portfolio Document #2

In this document, I discuss what value I would bring to the workplace and what things people in my position or career field should think about and focus on going forward. One of the main strengths in this document would be the why? It is a very important question, that everyone should answer sometime in there career. Before writing this document, I have never given this any thought. It was never something that I ever thought of thinking about. Now, I began to realize why I should be valued and what I need to work on so I can better myself further. The other important part of this document would be my strengths and weaknesses and what I would bring to a prospective workplace. I have now realized that I have some key things that I must work on and must continue to improve on the things I’m already good at.

Resume and Cover Letter Revised

Resume and Cover Letter

Portfolio Document #3

This document consists of my resume and cover letter. Before I started this class, my resume wasn’t really good and I didn’t even have a cover letter. Now, because of this class, I was able to revise my resume and make professional looking. This class taught me how to write a proper cover letter. This was my first time writing a cover letter. I believe that learning how to create a well-written cover letter and a professional looking resume was great for me and will certainly help me in the future. The main challenge that I had to overcome when writing the cover letter was trying to point out my strengths and how I would be an ideal candidate for the job. The main thing that I had to correct in my resume was cutting it down and eliminating things that did not belong.

Legal Publication

Legal Technology Publication

Portfolio Document #4

In this document, I discuss the various types of technology that exist in law and how it has affected the field of law. It is important for current and future legal professionals to know and understand technology because it is becoming more and more important in today’s society. Within then next decade or so, attorney’s and all legal professionals will rely on technology for everything such as researching, client communication, and even for keeping files on a hard drive. I learned that there are some things that I need to learn, technologically wise, that are crucial for my future. This document was fun to write and I learned a lot from it.