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Journal Entry #15

Finally we got an approval for Guapos table numbers this has been dragging out for almost two weeks already. We have been focused on getting everything done for them that way we can move on to the next project. The T-shirt line came in and looks amazing they are so tiny and cute exactly what she had in mind. The good thing is that it came in time for the MAMAS EXPO. THis week we are going to be doing some final preparation for the show and last minute printing.

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Journal Entry #16

Last Saturday I received a promoted to assistant manager which made me extremely happy because that is what i was striving for. It was bitter sweet moment because now my work has doubled while I’m in the middle of finishing up senior project and internship. I was offered to stay and work at Glyph Creative Studio but because i just go the promotion I had to let go of this great opportunity. The time that she needed me to work also did not work with my schedule which is another reason why i had to let it go. I learned so much from my boss and I appreciate everything that she has taught me. We will definitely keep in touch and she says the doors are open if I ever want to come back or need any help with my school work. I did leave the door open for other students to come and intern with her. In fact she is looking for a summer intern to start right away due to all the projects that she has. My boss has a lot of connections and is always networking which is great to really put your self out their this maybe a small company but don’t let the size fool you because their is a whole lot of work and good clients that you will be working for. I am sad to say good by next week but at the same time it’s a relief to just get it all done and out the way. I am still going to take my bosses advise and start working for another company before i decide to freelance on my own. I feel like I still have more to learn and room for growth.

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Journal Entry #14

Glyph creative studio is going to be in the mama expo next week. We need to prepare for the show and print some of their work that way they can put it on their booth. We are also creating a nice clothing line were we can hang Polaroid pictures. I am in charge of selecting the best baby and pregnancy photos from her gallery to display in her portfolio which is going to be in the show. She wants to have her baby T-shirt line ready by the expo that way she can promote it.

We received an email for a restaurant that needs a dinner menu, cocktail menu, and table numbers. The client likes what they have already but since its warn down they would like us to reproduce it. This may seem easy but it was not because they didn’t have any of the files like pictures for us to use. We had to search on the internet and find images that best looked similar to what they had in the menu. This client was extremely picky because she wanted the design to match exactly to what she had. We emailed each other back and forth at least 10 times for one piece to get approved. My boss was getting upset because those clients didn’t pay enough for her to spend so much time on the work. I was even more pissed because I had to make sixty blue table numbers and sixty green tables with the same design. the only variation is the images and the color, the process was completely tidies.

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Journal Entry #13

The internship is almost coming to an end and it seems like they are getting more busy by the minute. I have a lot of weight on my shoulders right now because I’m juggling senior project, internship, and work. All three are equally important to me and as much as I try to time manage something always seems to come up. Work it’s getting more demanding because around this time of the month there is a lot of events going on which causes me to call out of my internship. I have to make up the hours later on which takes time from senior project.

The beginning of the week was stressful, I wasn’t able to finish a logo for the lawyer company Sucaso. Although the client is not in a rush because he wants us to really get creative with the design I still have to complete other assignments for Glyph.  Finally on Wednesday I started coming up with some good ideas for the logo, I was having designer block earlier this week. The client unfortunately did not like any of it and not because it wasn’t good but because he doesn’t want it to look anything like a lawyer logo. I wish he would of said that earlier and made our job a little easier. Everyone worked on the logo individually and put our design together at the end to resubmit to the client.

We are now waiting for approval I really hope he likes it because this is not something I look forward to keep working on. I still don’t understand why they would want something that doesn’t say what they are about right away but we don’t get paid to ask those type of questions. As we figure out the design solution for this company Mariana tells me about her bright idea that she had a few days ago. She is planing on creating a baby Glyph t- shirt line. She says she wants the tees to have a minimalistic look with a rock star edge. This will be a cool addition to her company, she is so exited about that she is going to produce it real soon.


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Journal Entry #12

On Friday we had a newborn session, there was no computer work because we had to prepare the room and set up for the different sceneries which takes time. Photographing newborns is really easy because they are sleeping half the time. The only downfall is when they pee in the middle of the shot. This particular baby peed on the father when he was holding her and the pictured came out so nice because she was able to capture the parents expression which was hilarious. Mariana likes to take picture in the natural state of the person she doesn’t really like for them to pose she wants to capture the moment the way it really is. It didn’t seem to bother her that the baby went every where, in fact the parents were surprised that she kept  shooting and captured that moment. the picture turned out really nice and now they have a funny moment to add to their album. On average it takes her about three hours to complete a new born session. The first half hour she talks to the parents when they arrive to see what type of clothing they want the baby to wear and what type of setting they would like. They also have to but the baby to sleep because they usually are up when they arrive. Then she does the first session with the baby sleeping, second session with the baby up, and the third session with the parents and the baby sleeping. There is a break in between to feed the baby and put them bak to sleep. She doesn’t photograph newborns that are more than to weeks because they can no longer go into the fetal position correctly and they do not stay still when they are sleeping. She made an exception before and I saw what she was talking about, they are more sensitive to touch so when you try to move them to another position they wake up and start crying. My duty was to change the setting for each and help with the lighting, the wardrobe change and take picture of her photographing.

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Journal Entry #11

This week we are working with new clients who own two Szechuan (Chinese) restaurant. They would like for us to design two logo that can be used for both restaurants and that the only difference between them is the name. They handed this project over to me to start on my own because they had to move on to another logo design that had a deadline. I was talking and emailing the client directly and tried to grasp what exactly he wanted to get out of the logo. The client was very nice and friendly  and knew exactly what he didn’t want which was the typical chops stick or red dragon. This helped me narrow down some ideas I had in my head. In our conversation he mentioned that he wanted the logo to be more like a rubber stamp or symbol. He wanted something solid, simple, and different to what’s already out there.


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Journal Entry #10

Mother’s Day is coming up soon which means its time for a new promotional flyer. My boss wants me to design a mini postcard that shows the “special” photo packages she is offering for the month of May. She wanted me to keep in mind the important selling points and to grab the target audience attention. I decided to use three pictures, one with a big family the second one with a husband, wife and a newborn child and the third with a single mother and her two kids. The reason for this pairing is because I was trying to think of the different size families and how I could make the ad relate to everyone. The color purple came to mind when creating this ad because purple is one of a kind and means passion. The font had to be round and friendly to evoke a warm feeling. I used key words like “specials, value and gift” to get the viewer interested in reading and see that they are getting a great deal for mom. The postcard turned out really nice she did some corrections and added a few more information that she felt was missing.

There wasn’t much for me to do after I finished with the promotion and made minor changes to one of the business card that I designed. My boss was busy photographing a maternity session so after I was just helping her holding the lighting and passing her props that she was going to use. She takes beautiful pictures always thinking of the composition before she even shoots. I noticed that she likes to tilt her camera, she says she never takes a straight picture unless if she is purposely trying to. Every photographer has a style just like a graphic designer I think my style can be simple but their is still some depth to it but I feel like I’m still working on developing who I am as a designer.

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Internship Journal PDF


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During the internship period I believe I have learned and accomplished so many things. I have worked 7-8 hours a week without giving a break or taking an absence day. It was not easy I had to overcome so many things but I have gained a great experience. First of all I was very afraid to work on InDesign because I did not know about the software. In fact whenever I had to design anything with multiple page and lots of text I was still using Illustrator instead if Indesign because I was not feeling comfortable. However, now I designed my portfolio, my internship journal, and many other project in InDesign. This is a very big plus for me.

Other than that I got myself another freelance job that I will work through my home and I will work on project basis.  Even if this is not my dream job I think this is a big plus for me.

The another thing that I have gained strength is to work smart and efficiently. Prior to that I was doing nice job but i would take so many time than it requires just because I could not decide easily. But when I do work at the site jobs were coming constantly and we had to make quick decisions. I also learn something about how to communicate with client. Since I have witnessed every phone talk that Marla did with her clients.

At the beginning I had so many doubts and questions about working at Calling All Graphics but at the end I am grateful. It may not a fancy job but it definitely teaches a lot.


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Week 15


This was the last day of my internship. This very last day I got my first freelance project from Marla that I will continue after my internship is over. Actually it is a nice and complex project. One Indian restaurant wants to change their manager’s business card. They want to use Indian colors like gold, burgundy, olive green that very earthy and natural. They also need a banner to announce that the restaurant is under new management now. After that I will design a takeout menu and postcard for their special offers.

This project has multiple components and I like to work this kind of project. Because when you design different  pieces for one client I feel like I give them something consistent like a branding. In fact they do not have any design standard manual they go with whatever is offered to them at that moment. Every piece looks irrelevant. Even if what I do is not giving them new identity I feel better when they have so many different things that are unified.

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