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Pedro Ferreira- Journal entries 7 & 8

Week 7

This week is midterm week. This semester is going by so quickly. It feels like it was only yesterday that the semester began. Now things begin to pick up pace.

At UniWorld, my supervisor, Jarek, takes us out around campus to interview people on our topic of culture. Jarek has brought his camera to record. Each of the interns will take turns recording, interviewing and shooting stills of the area and interviewees. We are walking around in 18-degree weather. Nothing fun about that, however, one must make strides to gather information for out projects. I have begun to sketch up some possible layouts for how to go about with the info-graph. I have also shared some ideas with my fellow interns about creating the content for the Culture Labs webpage.

Recently, I spoke to a neighbor of mine who has been designing for close to 15 years. He gave me some pointers on how to approach the design world and gave me some backdrop on how design has impacted the culture we live in. That had me thinking, I might ask him to contribute to our Culture Labs page. So I asked him about potentially letting me interview him and using his likeness as an expert in culture. He agreed, so now I must get the approval from my supervisor.

Jarek showed us mockups on the new UniWorld webpage, including mockups for the Culture Labs webpage. Also, we got a glimpse at the video footage that was recorded the first day at the UniWorld meeting. It was funny seeing myself on video. Jarek has expressed to us that the page will go up by within the next month or so. This means that the interns have to gather up the information we have and begin to put it all together. We will be having another conference meeting next week to share with the board members. I am working on the mockups for the info-graph.

Week 8

Entering this week, we were expected to make a presentation of the work we had so far. However, many circumstances led to the meeting being cancelled. For one, both the CEO and CCO were out on business meetings with clients, so they would not be around to go through things with us. Also, we ran into some difficulties with recording more people for the project due to the ever-changing weather we have had these past few weeks. Because of this, we were a bit short on the amount of work we had. The HR Director decided to push back the meeting. This gives us ample time to collect more information for the project.

Myself and the other interns at UniWorld Group went out again with our supervisor on another round of interviews. This time around, we found a lot more people who were open to being interviewed. Everyone we interviewed gave us a lot of info and backdrop on their views of brands and what drives them to support these brands. Individuality is a large topic amongst many, and their representation of certain brands did nothing to solidify that aspect of them. However, some of these individuals really stood out based on their responses and we feel good with the way the interviews went. It looks as though with this we will have enough content with which to work with.

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