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Pedro Ferreira- Journal entries 5 & 6

Week 5

As week 5 commences, I now have 2 internships. At first, I thought it might be too much, but as the week goes on, I feel more and more comfortable. I feel as though I am taking much from both.

With the Marcc internship, I am working without any supervision. This compels me to manage my daily activities, allowing myself time to work on projects for Marcc. Time management is definitely something I’ve struggled with in the past, so it is good to be working on that.

Marc took a look at the last comps I did for him. He liked them very much and told me he would be taking all the comps I gave him to a design conference with some clients. I look forward to hearing what type of comments he got from presenting my work. Also, Marc gave me another assignment. He wants me to develop t-shirt comps for the Marcc brand. According to Marc, he is currently in talks with clothing store chain Urban Outfitters. This means I may possibly be designing clothing that may end up on store shelves.

As for my UniWorld internship, the other interns and I decided on a set schedule to come in. As Culture Lab interns, we will be gathering data to utilize on the UniWorld website. So far, we have decided that we will create video, photographic, and info-graphic media. I will be handling the info-graphs with a modern twist. As the week kicks off, we are coming up with questions that we can utilize to survey people. We are focusing on individuals between the age ranges of 18-24. As of right now, we are trying to see whether people associate with others who use the same brands.

Week 6

For the sixth week of internship class, we are to attend class. However, due to my internship schedule it looks like I will have to miss class. I am trying to see how I can avoid missing either school or the internship. I have emailed Prof. Mason about it. Hopefully, I will not be reprimanded, as I will be at the internship site completing the requirements for the internship class.

I have been working a lot lately at my job, which has been very stressful. I spoke to my boss about limiting the amount of hours I am working. After thinking about my circumstances, I decided that it would be best to drop one of the internships. I don’t think I can fully concentrate on two internships, all the while balancing time between work and school. I feel as though the UniWorld internship has more to offer me in regards to my career path. With that said, I announced my departure from Marcc.

At UniWorld, we, the interns, have come up with a definitive list of questions to use for our survey. My colleague Ben suggested we create an online survey and use social media to get the survey out. Even though social media sounded like a good idea, we really haven’t had much luck. So far, we’ve only garnered less than 10 replies. As a second option, we have decided to walk around socially dense areas in the city to get more input. However, the vast change in weather hinders our opportunity to survey people. Hopefully next week will be better for us.

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