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Pedro Ferreira- Journal entries 3 & 4

Week 3

It is the third week of internship, and I have yet to find an internship. It is not an easy task. I continue to send out applications, hoping that an opportunity will arise.

Last week, I received a phone call from a potential internship. I missed the call, but I made attempts to contacting him, all to no avail.

The third class of internship is here. I am very skeptic to how far I can make it without nailing an internship. I don’t want to be the only person in class who doesn’t obtain an internship during the semester. I take things to heart, and not being able to get an internship will be a harrowing experience.

Upon entering class, I see that everyone is cheerfully sharing their internship experiences. As class commences, Prof. Mason goes around the class asking everyone about their internships. Unfortunately, I have to tell the class that I have not obtained an internship at this point in time. However, as we go around the whole class, I find out I am not alone. A few other classmates have had trouble obtaining internships. Prof. Mason told the class that from this point on class will be meeting once every few weeks (as detailed on the new class schedule). This means that the class will meet less during the semester.

As the week came to a close, I contacted the person who left me a message about the internship last week, once again. This time, he responded! His name is Marcus Clark (goes by Marc) and he is the founder and owner of Marcc, a small fashion design company. Upon speaking with Marc, he told me he had relocated from Brooklyn to California. The reason for this is that he is a Stylist for celebrities. This meant that the internship would be a virtual one… Not really what I was looking for. But, for someone who doesn’t have anything, this is a blessing. I would be contacting Marc via phone, email, and video messenger.

The first assignment Marc gave me was to create some t-shirt comps utilizing various materials and prints. I did seven comps for him, and now I wait for his opinion.

Week 4

It is now week 4 of the internship course and I finally have an internship. I am optimistic as to what is to come for me. Marc, my supervisor, sounds like a very nice guy. He is lenient with me and told me that he does not want me to feel in any way, shape or form uncomfortable reaching out to him for anything. That is good to hear, especially since he won’t be overlooking my work directly.

Marc told me to come up with a few t-shirt comps last week to showcase the type of work I am capable of, especially since this is a fashion-design agency. I sent him seven t-shirt comps via Dropbox. On last Friday, Marc took a look at the comps. He liked my approach and concepts. For my next task, Marc told me to come up with some comps for a client who is creating an apparel line for their company.

The company is called Rainier Arms. They are aimed towards those who are into guns, shooting ranges, and game-hunting. The approach I took for this project was to incorporate animal and camouflage prints into the t-shirt designs. Marc liked the comps, and after a selection process, he asked me to further elaborate on one of the shirt comps. I came up with a few more comps and sent it his way.

On Tuesday, the 25th of February, I received an email from a company I had interviewed with, UniWorld Group. I have been selected as one of three individuals to intern with them. I am ecstatic! The email states I must attend a meeting the next day, which will be recorded.

Its Wednesday morning and I have arrived at UniWorld. Upon entering, I meet one of the interns. His name is Matt and he also attends City Tech. Later on, I meet the other intern, Ben, who also attends City Tech. It seems that Prof. Davis has strong connections here at UniWorld. At the conference room, I meet a group of people, including the head marketing personnel, Michael, the art director, Chris (who also interviewed me) and my supervisor, Jarek. The meeting consists of us discussing the importance of culture in our society. At its conclusion, we discuss what our roles will be. The interns will assist UniWorld in accumulating information on culture and branding, which in turn will be formatted into different media and will go up on their Culture Labs page.

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