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Pedro Ferreira-Journal entries 1 & 2

Week 1

So, today begins the final hoorah of my undergrad and the first class of the day happens to be the Internship course. On the first day, Prof. Mason informs all the students of what to expect of the class and what is expected from us. Basically, the goal of the class is for the students to obtain an internship in their corresponding field.

So far, only a few students have internships, which eases my mind. I have been searching high and low for internship opportunities since I signed up for the class at the end of the Fall 2013 semester. I have lost count of how many places I have emailed about possible internship opportunities. Even though I have not received many replies, besides the ones telling me to re-apply in the summer, I have not lost faith. This is not my first foray into interning. I have previously done internships at galleries and print shops, so I know that it takes a while for things to come around.

Good thing Prof. Mason is willing to help us out by giving us a sheet of paper with a few internships past students completed. On top of that, Prof. Mason sent me an email with a possible internship opportunity via Prof. Davis.

Upon contacting Prof. Davis on Thursday, I find out the internship is for an advertising agency looking to reinvigorate its company. I’m open to any opportunities right now, so I definitely jumped on this one.

I attended the interview on Friday. I got a good vibe from the place. The employees are all young, in my age range, which is a good thing because this means we possibly have more in common. As the interview commences, I find out that one of the individuals interviewing me is familiar with the neighborhood I grew up and lives not to far from where I live. From there on, we all began to click. They mainly asked questions regarding my work experience, personal interests, and what the word “culture” means to me. I believe I adequately replied to all their questions and displayed my knowledge in design. Afterwards, they told me they liked the vibe I gave off and definitely liked my resume and the work samples I showed them. Now, I just sit and wait with my fingers crossed. However, I will continue my search, which will hopefully end soon.

Week 2

On the second week of internship, I missed class due to the severe storm we had. I haven’t let up with searching for an internship. I have applied for a few more internships.

The third week of school, we are off due to Lincoln’s birthday. During the week, I emailed a few more places, hoping for some good news. Later in the week, I received an email from a company I interviewed with. They wanted me to forward them a link to my online portfolio, which I did as soon as I could. Also, I went along and emailed two or three of the job sites that are on the sheet Prof. Mason gave us. Among those was the City Tech Visual Arts Department. I received an immediate reply to forward my portfolio to them. That’s the last I’ve heard of both sites, which is making me anxious.

Leading up to the fourth week of school, I get a promising phone call from the owner of a design firm. He told me he liked what he saw and was interested in setting up an interview with me. However, I was at work and did not receive the message till later in the day. I was able to reach him, but he told me he was in the middle of something and would get back to me as soon as possible. I didn’t hear back from him. I did leave him a message, so I hope he hears that and gets back to me.

Regardless of the trajectory of the semester so far, I still remain opportunistic. I believe that in time, patience will bring what I desire. In the time being, I will focus my energies on all my classes and continue my search.

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