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This week I could not believe that we have to go over Bread Factory’s design and change so many things. I could not believe that  because last time I thought we were ready to print. But at last minute client’s business partner stepped in and wanted to see everything in different background and with their old typeface which is Lithos, very old and outdated typeface. In fact they do not want this typeface just for titles but for whole text. It means two things. First I had to do everything that I was told not to do in school. And the second is changing typeface is a deal breaker because every type has their own X height. when you set up certain text in a certain place there is no way it is going to fit in the same place when you change it. So we had to manipulate the text, change the tab settings move things around to fit everything nicely. This project contains 6 different signage for inside the restaurant. They are all big in size and filled with so much text and images and if they decide to go with new typeface and background we have to change all of them. My supervisor thinks that as long as the client pays for extra work we could keep changing everything. But I think at some point we as a designer have to  try to convince the client what is best for their project and they are going to lose money if they keep changing their mind. I mean the options are limitless, if you do not know what do you want or do not trust your designer probably you will end up with a bad design anyway.

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