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Through the end I am getting so tired. At school I am taking 5 classes ( one of them is my Senior Project) and when about the semester is over everything is piling up. Even though during the interviews no one was interested in my GPA I am still trying to keep up with what I already have just in case that after I graduate I might apply for a graduate school. So it makes things little bit harder. On the other hand things at internship site is getting better. I think because in time MArla and I find a way to work things out. We had some problems at the beginning and they were just because we have different working habits but now everything works  properly.

Anyway, this week I have designed a business card for a new customer. The customer is a photographer and he wanted to change his old business card with a simple but modern looking design. He also wanted to use little icons. Usually I would draw icons as vector from scratch but as usual we found some images online. The truth is customers does not want to pay any extra money for any art work and as a result of it my supervisor do not want to spend time for anything that she is not going to get paid.

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