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Week 15


This was the last day of my internship. This very last day I got my first freelance project from Marla that I will continue after my internship is over. Actually it is a nice and complex project. One Indian restaurant wants to change their manager’s business card. They want to use Indian colors like gold, burgundy, olive green that very earthy and natural. They also need a banner to announce that the restaurant is under new management now. After that I will design a takeout menu and postcard for their special offers.

This project has multiple components and I like to work this kind of project. Because when you design different  pieces for one client I feel like I give them something consistent like a branding. In fact they do not have any design standard manual they go with whatever is offered to them at that moment. Every piece looks irrelevant. Even if what I do is not giving them new identity I feel better when they have so many different things that are unified.

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