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Journal Entry #10

Mother’s Day is coming up soon which means its time for a new promotional flyer. My boss wants me to design a mini postcard that shows the “special” photo packages she is offering for the month of May. She wanted me to keep in mind the important selling points and to grab the target audience attention. I decided to use three pictures, one with a big family the second one with a husband, wife and a newborn child and the third with a single mother and her two kids. The reason for this pairing is because I was trying to think of the different size families and how I could make the ad relate to everyone. The color purple came to mind when creating this ad because purple is one of a kind and means passion. The font had to be round and friendly to evoke a warm feeling. I used key words like “specials, value and gift” to get the viewer interested in reading and see that they are getting a great deal for mom. The postcard turned out really nice she did some corrections and added a few more information that she felt was missing.

There wasn’t much for me to do after I finished with the promotion and made minor changes to one of the business card that I designed. My boss was busy photographing a maternity session so after I was just helping her holding the lighting and passing her props that she was going to use. She takes beautiful pictures always thinking of the composition before she even shoots. I noticed that she likes to tilt her camera, she says she never takes a straight picture unless if she is purposely trying to. Every photographer has a style just like a graphic designer I think my style can be simple but their is still some depth to it but I feel like I’m still working on developing who I am as a designer.

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