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Journal Entries 9-14

Entry 9

This week we did many different layouts for some brochures we are making. Taking on a few different approaches. I feel really helpful with my designs and my presence there.  Today my supervisor asked me how to do something on InDesign which was easy for me to explain to her. I’m glad she acknowledges my knowledge in the program and is not afraid to approach me.

It was really amazing at all the works that I completed on a laptop. They finally decided to give us a desktop to work on!  It is a touchscreen Dell all in one computer. It is pretty neat with no wires or anything of the sort. I love it! I keep forgetting it is touchscreen so I end up moving things when I am pointing out feedback from my supervisor. It was a good week though.

Entry 10

So I ended up helping set up folders for a conference which held over 500 newsletters and other fliers.  It was fun because I connected with some other co-workers that I only had the short connection with coming into the door and smiling at.  My other supervisor put ‘The Voice’ on the computer and projected it on the screen so we had something to watch while getting the folders ready.  It was a lot of fun and I got to see how these co-workers of mine are in the inside instead of what they appear to be in the office.  One likes to sing and was in an A Cappella group when she was at Yale,( or was it Harvard) and another was really good at getting things others had trouble with like unzipping and zipping the tote bags everyone took time getting it closed.

After all the bags were done, I helped carve a board for name tags to be propped up on so people could see where their name tag was and could grab it faster.  One of their main mover guy came, everything was packed and shipped to the location.  I thought my work was done but there was one thing left, booklets.  They needed to be stapled and made into little booklets.  My second supervisor saw I was good with the alignment so she insisted that I control the stapler with she gathers the pages together, folds and flattens them so it is easier for me to staple. I had to leave early to go to one of my meetings with CUNY Service Corps. I was going to observe a group interview for the next cohort. It was interesting.

Entry 11

I am so tired.  Even though I took spring break off, it really was not a break. My mom wanted to do spring cleaning like a mad man so we did. Then my brother came back from Saudi Arabia two days later all sick with fever.  My father got sick. It is hard having a diabetic person with a fever.  He could not breath and that had me on edge.  I could not concentrate on anything but my father.  He kept having breathing problems and telling us that his chest hurt. We took him to the hospital. He had the flu and he had a mini heart attack.

I was devastated. I was really hurt that my father went through that and we had no clue.  I could not go to school knowing he was hurting like that. I visited him once school ended till he came home.  The nurses and doctors told us to get him to the hospital if he gets sick again. I was really stressed out and all my work piled on top of my older works. I could not take it in one bite so I decided to take it slow and do the first class of the weeks homework first. Everyone at the internship did not give me a hard time and the week flew by fast at the workplace.

Entry 12

Being here and knowing that my time is almost up, I feel kind of sad.  I do not want it to end.  I doubt they would hire me because they will still be apart of the CUNY Service Corps. getting new interns.  We did not get paid by them and they are a non-profit organization.  I do not mind because it was a fun ride.  I met new people and feel better about myself in a working environment.

I know I will not be lazy or annoyed with my co-workers like the TV shows portray.  Instead, I learned that I can be very helpful and everyone loves me.  Even people I never spoke to on a regular basis but just say “good morning” to say things to me like, “I heard your going to leave us soon. It was a pleasure working with you.”  This type of warmth makes me happy to have been a part of this company.

Entry 13

This is my last week here. Everything is going by fast.  I am finishing up the last flier with the last revisions.  Everyone seems happy. They asked us, the interns, to come in today.  They are gonna take us out to lunch!  It is too bad that the whole company is not going to be there but two of them will be.  Yesterday, one of the special needs director gave me a huge hug and told me to keep in contact with her.  I made the ACS Special Needs form for her.  She was not present at the lunch.  It was fun!  We all talked informally about everything and anything.  It was a different setting and it was nice.  I enjoyed it.

They gave us going away presents, a $20 gift card at Barnes and Noble as well as a Moleskin sketch diary! It brought tears to my eyes. I am going to miss this place.  I did 288 hours for CUNY Service Corps and 120 hours for this internship class.  Through all of it, I grew into a more responsible person. Once I left the office, they all hugged me goodbye. I felt so appreciated and they told me I could come back anytime I wanted. I will of course.

Entry 14

So I returned to the office for some signatures that I forgot to get while I was in the office last week.  They were really happy to see me.  I was grateful that they accepted me back.  It was a nice setting.  Once I got her to sign my sheet, I stuck around a bit to see how everyone was doing and then I headed out.  It was good to be back but it was even better knowing that I am welcomed to see them whenever I wanted.

The internship was over but I still have to attend a ceremony for CUNY Service Corp. Knowing that I made a difference in IFCC staffs lives makes me happy.  Seeing all my stepping stones and the path that I took makes me proud to say I am a part of the CUNY Service Corp family.  It won’t stop here in making a difference in the world, it starts by doing the little things.  Taking a stand in what you believe in. I know my summer won’t be a dull, sitting in front of the TV summer that I always have.  It’s going to be one where I make a stand in what my community needs. I am glad to be a part of this program!

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