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Faith S. – Journal 8

I have finally gotten a response back from a company! I’m very excited and happy, but I’m not in the clear yet. They only have responded, not accepted. It is Whiteboard Animation Studio in Brooklyn just about three blocks away from New York City College of Technology so it isn’t ridiculously far to get to. I’m not officially in yet but I hope I will get it. The email consists of brief information on what I will be doing and what is expected of me. I told them I was really interested and that I am eager and willing.

Another email later, they asked me to see some of my work on a Vimeo video. They wanted to see any flash animations, After Effects work and 3D animations I  have done. Although I told them I am currently learning the basics of Maya, a 3D program, I said I did have greater knowledge in another 3D program called Blender. They told me if I were to work with 3D it would be Maya but they agreed to look at my Blender work anyway. So I compiled a video of some of the types of work they wanted to see and sent them the link.

Now I must sit and wait for them to reply back once again to see if I got the spot. I hope they respond real soon as I initially emailed them in October and had no response so I emailed them again in the beginning of March and twenty days later I finally received a response back.


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