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Faith S. – Journal 6

It is the seventh week, and nothing much to say about my internship. I am still hoping for the best. I am determined to get into one of these companies.

In the Rules of Thumb, I had to read a short instructional called “Apostrophes.” It was just explaining the differences of using -s, -es, -‘s, and -s’. Also when making contractions, a single word made up of two words that are used for the same purpose. For example, “you are” to “you’re”. You only use -s and -es when you make something plural or make a verb into it’s present tense. When something is being possessive you use the -‘s like “The dog’s food” and “Dave’s hat”. I used to have trouble figuring out which “it’s” or “its” to use. But now I know, “it’s” is for “it is” and “its” is possessive.

I am not sure what else to say. I am adding, removing, fixing, mixing new artwork into my portfolio. I draw at least one piece once a day or just experiment with different drawing techniques. It is what I do when I see fit. Sometimes, but very rarely, put my drawings as top priority before anything else which is bad to do sometimes as I might have something really important to do but then my urge to draw makes me procrastinate. I do not do it often but it makes things a bit hard when I do.


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