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Faith S. – Journal 2

Another week, and still haven’t heard any good news from the companies about internships, but I’m not giving up. I have emailed them again to let them know I am willing and serious about participating. Although my number of possibilities decreased a bit due to some of them responding back saying they are already filled or don’t have an internship program. I’m still searching!

In the mean time, I had to read some things one being “Commonly Confused Words” from Rules of Thumb. It was just a list of words side by side with the words they get confused with along with their definition and how it would be used in a sentence. I have slight dyslexia and one would think I’d make these mistakes often and not notice, but that’s not true. It is a reason why I read and write slower than average. I tend to reread things 4 to 5 times making sure I’m reading things correctly or written things grammatically right. I can understand why some of these words can be mistaken by others, but the rest baffles me. For instance, no, know, new and knew. I have seen those mistakes before and they were by someone I knew who was born and raised in the U.S. with English as their first language. Could it just be laziness by not bothering to type in another one or two letters or do they really not know?

Another thing I read was an article in The New Yorker called “Later” by James Surowiecki. It was explaining how procrastinating was part of human nature since the beginning but as years go by and humans flourish  it began to come with an undesirable price of anxiety. For instance, every year,  people waste hundreds of millions of dollars because they don’t file their taxes on time, hurting the economy and themselves. It says we can beat procrastination by just trying harder and doing things when we say we plan on doing them. I’ll admit, I procrastinate, but only to things I know I can pull off at the end. If it is something extremely important, I’ll force myself to do it as soon as possible so I won’t have to worry about it last minute.


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