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Faith S. – Journal 14

So this is my last week at the internship. Working at Whiteboard Animation studio was an interesting experience. I’ve met a lot of cool people like Dee, Zach and Beni who always kept the atmosphere of the place light as their conversations are always funny with a lot of odd ball jokes.

The final week the director had put me on a project for the company Accenture. the animation was practically finished but according to Steve, among further inspection, he noticed the lip-sync was either slightly off or wasn’t moving at all so he just wanted me to fix that. Halfway done he comes over the look at the fixed project and notices something else that would need tweeking. He mentions that the character could show more expression if his eyebrows moved along with the tone of his voice.

I didn’t really want to go but I have already surpassed the internship course time and it is their choice if they wanted to keep me or not. The director and manager had told me to keep in touch though as I thanked them for the experience and that I would be more than happy to continue working with them if they are looking to hire.


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