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Faith S. – Journal 13

This is the week before the end of my internship time and things are starting to kick up. There are a lot of deadlines coming up for the other animators so many of them are helping with each other in those projects. They didn’t put me into any of them because it would be a lot to take in and adjust to since those were quite big projects.

Spencer decided to put me on something that wasn’t due for some time. It was for the company itself, Whiteboard Animation Studio. They hired someone to help create a new website for them and they needed logos and icons for various subjects. Icons that would represent what clients they potentially serve or topics their clients are looking for. It was my job to draw out things like faces, vials, needles, paw prints, pillows, trees, anything that would represent a client’s idea or theme they were thinking about doing. I was able to dish out about thirty different icons plus a few that were already created by one of the other animators before he was reassigned to one of the projects that was due soon.

By the end of the week, I would have to export each of the images and placed into a special folder to be able to be used for the new site being created for Whiteboard Animation Studio. I am waiting and excited to see, once the site is done, my drawings being used on it. I would be very happy knowing that I helped make the site.


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