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Faith S. – Journal 12

It is now the fourth week in. At the beginning of the week I spoke to Spencer if he had anything for me to do this week.  He told me there was a project that was basically done, but it just needed some simple lip-syncing and movement.

The project was for a company called Afton and it was to explain their customer service. Everything was there already so it was just the case of switching between images for the lip-sync and drawing some images for simple head tilts and arm movements even blinking. Once that was done, Spencer reviewed it and sent it off to the client. The next day, Spencer sent me an email saying that the client wanted to remove the title cards that were shown between each scene. That was a bit of a challenge because I had to also remove the section of audio that went with it and move over the scenes on the timeline while making sure the leftover audio and animation were still in sync.

By the near end on the week I was done fixing the animation and exported the final render. Spencer gave it the thumbs up and sent it on it’s way to the client. He then told me the client was happy with it. I was happy that the last minute overhaul was great.


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